Guo Shu Cup Amsterdam

Two teams of the Shaolin Hung Choy attended the Guo Shu Cup in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
One team consists of at least three members. Each members has to compete in a different category (bare hand form, short weapons, long weapons) and there is also a partner form category. The points of the different categories are summed up, so that at the end there are three winning teams. There were 15 teams from 10 different Kung Fu schools.
Team 1 of Shaolin Hung Choy scored third place at the end of the day.

Jurel was second place in the long weapon category, Peter scored third in the bare hand form category.


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The Instructor

team frank greinacher   team sherry greinacher
Frank Greinacher
(富樂康 Fu Lok Hong)
  Chiefinstructor Tai Ji Quan
Sherry Greinacher
Instructor Adult
Thomas Warthe

  Coach Adult
Guido Laake

Coach Adult
Thorsten Kroeger

  Coach Youth
Peter Olgeiser