Chin Woo Cup 2015

Sifu Michael Streit invited Kung Fu schools from all over Germany and European countries to the Chin Woo Cup in Bochum.
Shaolin Hung Choy participated with 13 fighters and can be proud of their success.

bare hand forms children -2 years exp. 1st place Celina-Marie Hoppe
    3rd place Maxim Novosselov
  children +2 years exp. 1st place Finn Riedl
  teenagers +5 years exp. 1st place Louis Henning
                                2nd place Jennifer Meyer       
    3rd place Shabun Kanmaz
  Men 1st place Christos Dratzidis
  Women 2nd place Alexandra Hedderich
Short weapons Teenagers 1st place Jurel Greinacher
    3rd place Jennifer Meyer
  Adults 1st place Christos Dratzidis
    3rd place Alexandra Hedderich
Partner form bare hand partner form 2nd place Jennifer Meyer
Shabun Kanmaz
Light contact -160 cm 1st place Giuseppe Ciaramella
Full contact Newcomer -70 kg 1st place Jurel Greinacher
  Newcomer +80 kg 2nd place Thorsten Kroeger


All Events

The Instructor

team frank greinacher   team sherry greinacher
Frank Greinacher
(富樂康 Fu Lok Hong)
  Chiefinstructor Tai Ji Quan
Sherry Greinacher
Instructor Adult
Thomas Warthe

  Coach Adult
Guido Laake

Coach Adult
Thorsten Kroeger

  Coach Youth
Peter Olgeiser