Huo Yuan Jia Cup 2015

Two students of the Shaolin Hung Choy attended the Huo Yuan Jia Cup in Bernau near Berlin.

Louis Henning won both his categories (bare hand forms and light contact until 170 cm), Lars Beckonert won in his light contact category (more than 170 cm).

At night there was a fight gala where Christos Dratzidis fought in the full contact category. He won in the second round (of three).


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The Instructor

team frank greinacher   team sherry greinacher
Frank Greinacher
(富樂康 Fu Lok Hong)
  Chiefinstructor Tai Ji Quan
Sherry Greinacher
Instructor Adult
Thomas Warthe

  Coach Adult
Guido Laake

Coach Adult
Thorsten Kroeger

  Coach Youth
Peter Olgeiser